04 September 2006

OTD Coordinator

The PICC fair was huge and I enjoyed going around, collecting fliers and what-nots hehe.

Our objective:
(1) find an OTD coordinator
(2) find an invitations supplier
(3) talk to Kenneth Uy to finalize details of our package

First off, we dropped by Kenneth's booth but he was not in, kaaalis lang daw at kinabukasan na ang balik :( oh well, we can always call him. We wanted to finalize the details lang sana and schedule our pre-nup with him para ma-sked ko na rin ung aking THMU.

We were scouting for an invitations supplier but so far parang walang pasok sa budget namin huhuhu...and then we chanced by A Perfect Creation booth. Parang na-excite ako with their concept of DIY but using pre-cut papers (fancy ones) kasi magiging unique pa rin ung invitation namin but less load kasi pre-cut na ung papers, all we have to do is assemble the stuff (and print the wordings of course). We plan to visit them this coming weekend at their office para mas makapag-discuss pa on this.

There were several booths offering OTD coordination services but it was with Loi Villarama's booth that we took time to talk to them. Prequel: Everytime I go to fairs and see their fliers, parang nae-engganyo ako lagi kasi napaka-happy ng face ni Loi sa flier nya :) and then a few weeks ago, I received a SMS from Ella (kasama sa crew nya) offering their services. At that time, I felt na hindi pa namin kelangan ng OTD at mejo labas sila sa budget in mind (which is 10k IF we do get an OTD coordinator).

Then last week, Albert and I discussed na sige, kuha na lang kami ng OTD para di na nga ma-harass on our day...tutal we still have money left for this. So nung fair, to cut the story short, we booked Loi Villarama's services...and we got 1k discount. Their services include OTD coordination (4 staff + Loi who'll do the hosting as well), hosting services and free retouch (if our HMUA doesn't do any). And as soon as we signed up, we availed of their services agad...nanghingi kami ng suggestions for reception venue (kasi hanggang ngayon wala pa rin). They were able to come up with 5 venues agad, and we will do occular ASAP. hehehe. I'm just happy that finally we've booked our OTD coordinator, at magaan naman sila kausap...

And on our way out, nadaan kami sa Hizon's booth and we saw our previous AE Lanie, pinakain pa kami hehehe. sarap! Di talaga nagbabago ung lasa ng food nila, lalo na ung lengua, I still love it! kahit lengua pa sya :D At tama pala, meron din free portrait dun, syempre nagpa-picture din kami...sort of a pre-pre-nup. can't wait to see the pictures hahaha...

At the end of the day:
Objective (1) - DONE
Objective (2) - NOT DONE but with Prospect
Objective (3) - NOT DONE

Yaiks, palapit na talaga nang palapit! Approximately 5 months to go na lang at wala pa kaming venue!!!


Heidi said...

Hi there... I chanced upon your blog here while while bloghopping. Don't worry so much... did you know that I finalized the venue of our reception only a little over a month before the wedding? hehe! I'm sure naman di aabot sa ganon yung case mo pero what I'm saying is... things will start falling into place as the date comes, you'll see! (by the way, i'll link you up ha?)

cheryll said...

hi heidi! sure sure, link up :)

wow, this is the first time that I received a comment from someone who has been bloghopping...i'll link you up din.

thanks for the comment/advice. i'm really trying not to worry hehehe. so far kasi daming venue kaso di pasok sa budget namin (there i go worrying again!)

but you're right, things have their way of falling into their proper place talaga...

Heidi said...

Wow! 1st honor pala ako sa pag-comment sa blog mo! hehehe! Anyways, about the venue thing, you should make a list of what you would want sa venue mo para pag nag venue-hunting ka, you're armed with a kodigo tapos don't be afraid or shy to haggle with the managers/owners of the venue, who knows, baka swertehin ka, maka-discount ka ng malaki!

cheryll said...

thanks ulit sa advice.

this weekend, venue-hunting ulit kami. gagawa na ako ng aking checklist hehehe...