12 September 2006


Finally, finally, finally...after how many months of searching...we've booked our reception venue!

Good that I re-checked the list of venues that Hizon's gave us. I saw Bulwagang Claret, googled it to view pics (hmm looks ok), then called them. I even had a hard time searching for their number (the ones on the list weren't updated) but something in me just pushed to go for it hehe.

After talking to the parish office, everything fits into our "criteria":
1. it fits our budget
2. we can use it even if we get married in a different church (the bulwagan is owned by the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in UP Teacher's village)
3. No exclusive caterers

That was last Wednesday and I was actually excited and praying that this will be our venue! And when we had our occular last Saturday, sya nga! We didn't have any second thoughts, it just fit perfectly because (aside from the reasons above)...

4. it's an indoor venue and airconditioned (which is what I wanted talaga vs. garden)
5. ample parking space (we're getting married on a weekday anyway so hindi rin concern na baka punuan ang parking area)

Mejo may mga dagdag pero unting-unti lang ang lampas sa budget kaya ok pa rin. Although we would have to say goodbye to on-the-spot cooking kasi bawal talaga but still, nothing can dampen my spirits :) masaya talaga ako. si Albert nga natutuwa din kasi tuwa daw ako at me venue na kami...

kaya go go go na talga to...ano pa ba kulang?

1. musicians - just need to look for one, budget c/o Kuya Abet
2. flowers - c/o Kuya Ba. October daw kami puntang Dangwa
3. invitations - have to visit Unifair soon
4. HMUA - my cousin Janjan (who works at ABS-CBN) knows someone, would have to sked
THMUA around October
5. hotel for preps
6. documents - mine are ok, need to compile Albert's before November
7. canonical interview/pre-cana - November
8. wedding banns - after the interview
9. marriage license - apply by November

hmm...ano pa ba?


Ann said...

uy dami na updates ha :)

cheryll said...

hi sis! thanks for dropping by.

oo nga, kelangan maayos habang maaga pa...feeling ko kasi buong december wala kaming magagawa dahil uwi ako davao :)

ang lapit nyo na!! less than 1 month, right? hehehe