29 January 2007

11 days to go!

Some quick updates:
  • Bed has been delivered, good decision that we bought just a double-sized instead of queen-sized because the bed is quite large and takes up just enough space in our room :) next project: buy fitted sheets - once we've recovered from the wedding expenses! hehehe
  • Bought our table yesterday! We found this bar table at SM Ayala - it's black with metal frames and 2 bar stools with it. Hehe not the conventional dining table but we just fell in love with it! Only drawback is when my family will be with us next week it will be a squeeze heehee... but we just love it! So gawan na lang ng paraan, right? *wink*
  • Booked Elar's Lechon
  • Done with our DIY misalette (note to self: post pictures soon) - have to say, I like it...syempre, love your own hehehe...just printed it in the office, bought cardstock at National Bookstore and had it photocopied in UP Shopping Center ~ P500 for 30 copies. Side kwento: I got irritated with the NBS saleslady...according to her we can't use the cardstock for photocopying kasi masyadong makapal daw dapat 80gsm lang. Now, I'd really like to go back to NBS and show her our misalette - yan ba ang hindi kaya? Buti na lang hindi ako nakinig sa kanya *bruha talaga ako*
  • Paid Hizon's in full, got our contract too
  • Paid Bulwagang Claret in full too
  • Bought the wines for our ninongs - Cocovino (as the name implies, wine from coconut) which comes in a very nice "bottle", the coconut shell. Will just have to add the tags and place ribbons. Again note to self, post picture soon
  • Our gift for Fr. Blaise will be a stole which my parents bought in Davao (thank God for excited and helpful parents! hehehe)
  • Candles for lighting the unity candle are also done (DIY by Mama)
  • Bible - check (c/o Ma&Pa)
  • Souvenirs - matagal nang check hehehe (I was able to help pa with the PS gifts last Christmas) hay again note to self: post pics soon

To Dos:

  • Print 5x8 pic for our signature frame
  • confirm suppliers' call time - musicians, HMU, florist, vans, photo/video, etc
  • continue cleaning the house! hehehe
  • Go to dentist

So far, yan ang maalala ko...

Till next...

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