01 February 2007

In a Week's Time...

How time flies (it may be cliche but it's true)...we have a week to go...

we only have the living room to arrange now, and last minute purchases like bar stools for our bar-table-cum-dining-table and last minute cleaning to do - all set for tomorrow. my family will be arriving on saturday (can't wait!), final fitting for the gown will be on saturday as well and i still need to visit my dentist to have my braces removed (temporarily) .

*buti na lang gabi pa dating nina papa at least me time pa for chores in the morning*
  • we still have our 5x8 picture for printing, we've already chosen one, just need to print it
  • finalize the guest list so we can send it to our coordinators by monday
  • table numbers have already been printed, just need to cut them
  • remind suppliers of their call time - i know our coordinators will call them but still i'd like to do it myself (para sure *wink*)
  • parents' gifts are already prepared - just bought something from Papemelroti (for Albert's parents "To My Parents As I Wed" and for my parents "On Your Anniversary" because it IS their anniversary on the 8th, we'll be sharing it with them in the future)
  • i'm not sure how to "prettify" the cocovino (for our ninongs) - should i place aquamarine ribbons or leave them as is? our friend, mira (who's from albay), offered to make sinamay bags for these - hope we have time on the 8th to place the wines in the bags...
  • we opted not to have the quarters (which we'll be using for our arrhae) plated since they're still shiny (except on the sides)

i guess those are the minor items left...according to Lari (one of our coordinators), i should be relaxing now and just anticipate our day :) i will be, as soon as tomorrow is done - meaning i will be officially on leave from work!

albert bought a cookbook yesterday, can't wait to try out new recipes! :) weekends after our wedding will be back to normal - staying at home, cooking food, watching DVDs and the occasional movie, though i'd probably be pursuing attending a course (what it is, later na lang baka mausog hehe) maybe around Q2 of this year...really excited about that too!

btw, we have much seats left since many won't be able to attend - our wedding being a thursday...a bit sad but to look on the bright side, we have with us people who really care to take time out from work to attend our wedding! AND, we will have much food after hehehe... while our guests will have their fill too - no more worries na baka kulangin ang tables/seats, in fact i'm thinking of requesting judith (our AE from hizon's) to just remove the additional 1 table that they'll be setting up for free (para lumuwag nang unti ung space).

what else? basta, looking forward to next week when finally, i'll be marrying my bestfriend with our parents' and the Lord's blessings - because that IS the bottomline - a wedding is but a day, a marriage - forever :)

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