23 January 2007

Preparing the House

With 2 weeks left, actually 1 weekend before my family arrives, Albert and I need to prepare the house - clean it up, buy stuff that would make it a home (a dining table, for one hehe) and just keep our things organized and neat hehehe.

I'm actually finding myself getting more excited with making our house a home (now that our housemate has left) than with the wedding preps. Maybe because wedding preps are mostly done, just minor details to work on. AND, we couldn't do anything during weekdays anyway. Magazine interests have also shifted from Metro Weddings to Real Living ;-)

Anyways, last night we bought our bed! We chanced upon a sale of CitiBeds and I've really promised myself to invest in a good bed, so we bought it. It's an OrthoCare Limited Edition model (supposedly the bed of choice for hotels and resorts), double-sized (have to let go of the thought of getting a queen-sized one with the limited space that we have in the apartment), and it's going to be delivered this Friday! :) We'll soon say goodbye to my 2-year old mattress-on-the-floor, it's about time too since it has really sagged.

We also bought some floor mats, toiletries rack and have yet to purchase a table (even if it's not a dining set yet anyway we would still be able to use it later on), some chairs, microwave rack, plate rack (would like to have a new one), a rack for seasonings and stuff. Oh and pillows! As my family will be staying with us, we need to buy more pillows hehehe... And I would really like to have curtain rods set up but don't have an idea for now how we'll do it :)

As to the wedding front, we dropped by Elar's Lechon last Saturday because I've heard so many praises for their lechon - and it didn't disappoint, it was tender, juicy and delicious (just as they wrote on their "billboard")! So we'll be booking them this weekend.

We also met with one of our ninangs (my baptismal ninang who I haven't seen in more than 10 years!) and a college friend/teaching colleague to give him our invitation. It was great to catch up with how each other's lives have been :)

We met Fr. Blaise (finally!) and had a short chat with him. He was one of the organizers of a Marian-sponsored retreat way back when Albert was in 2nd year high school. He even thought that Albert was going to be a priest, he regularly followed up before ;-) It was nice to get to talk with him but as I've told Albert, I was nervous. Never really got the chance to chat with a priest, I don't have any priest relatives. Well, except for confessions probably - but that wouldn't count as a chat, right? :) I was nervous, I don't know why hahaha.

We really planned to buy the fruit wines from SM Ayala but I got really disappointed because when we got there, wala nang stock :( oh well, have to find another gift for ninongs.

Oh, and cash gifts have started coming in...wheee :D

This coming weekend will be another busy one as we have to go to Hizon's, Bulwagang Claret, Elar's Lechon, buy wines, buy our gifts for our parents, meet with 2 friends, finalize details.

Whew! 2 weeks to go and we're counting...

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