02 February 2007

I've Been Tagged

Hindi pa pala yun ang last post ko hehehe...

I was tagged by sis Ann on 5 Things People Didn't Know About Me...funny but a lot of stuff she wrote I can relate to (the "hatred" of milk, skin asthma, mystery case files (yahoo!), sakit ng ulo pag nasobrahan ng tulog) ...ano to, cosmic sisters? :)

I really wanted to be a pediatrician when I was a kid, in fact most of my toys were doctor's kits rather than the usual cups and saucers :) however, I graduated with a degree in Applied Physics and now working in a semiconductor company handling materials. Mejo malayo ang napuntahan from what I originally wanted pero andun pa rin ung feeling (call me idealistic) that I want to become a doctor to help people and not for the money - simply because a doctor's main purpose is to help heal/relieve people of their aches& pains and not to get rich! (no offense po!)

I love crossword puzzles...not just the usual Across and Down word puzzles but the Variety puzzles - cryptograms, syllacrostics, etc. I spend a bit of money on this (P110 each at BookSale) but I really really enjoy it - my main luho in life, I believe hehe. I can't play video games that require hand and eye coordination (kahit Mario) because I PANIC! I'd rather play Tetris, Jeopardy, yup...the stuff geeks are made of hehehe.

I visit EOnline almost everyday for their Fashion Police segment :P I don't know, I just like watching Hollywood stars in their gowns - ung tipong merong ino-okray at merong nire-rate ng 5 thumbs up! hehehe...

I am a person who "feels another person's vibes" hehehe...if I meet someone for the first time, there are those whom I get along easily with (magaan sa loob) but there are others na iba talaga ang dating. May pagka-supladita din ako because I don't easily become friendly-friends with people I meet (hindi ambassadress of goodwill kumbaga)...pinapakiramdam ko pa kasi because I don't want to end up worrying how to get out of the "closey-closey" feeling with a person who I realize is one of those "iba ang dating". Weird huh?

I hate cats..as in "UGH!" (sorry cat lovers!) I just can't stand it when they get close to you and rub their tails/bodies on you...siguro aso ako sa past life ko or daga kaya? hehehe....


Who should I tag? Hmm... kung sino na lang gustong magsagot, consider yourself Tagged! :)

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