09 May 2008

I've been commuting to and from the office for a week now, as opposed to taking the shuttle in my previous job. Disadvantage is of course the "hassle" but then I'll learn to live with it. Advantage is that I can leave whenever I want to, hindi ako naghahabol ng shuttle kumbaga, as long as I know I'll reach the office on time. I also reach home earlier...if I leave at exactly 5:30pm, I'm home by 6:30pm - meaning, more time for Ethan! Another advantage is that I get to do some thinking while on the bus...here are some stuff, I've learned during my commuting days:

That patience is indeed a virtue. I can take either a bus to Sta. Cruz or those that go to Batangas, but I prefer Sta. Cruz because I get off at the Technopark entrance (no need for another jeepney ride, hence nakatipid ng P7.50 hehe). However, Sta. Cruz buses are a dime a dozen in Alabang. I really have to wait for some time before one passes by.

That sometimes what we want doesn't always happen. I can't wait for a Sta. Cruz bus forever because I have my 8:00AM target to reach the office. So sometimes, even though it isn't the most convenient way to go, I'll have to take a Batangas-bound bus. It's not what I want but it's what I have to do.

That Mother Nature is still something that cannot be put into canvas. No art can compare to God's creation. I see this in the greeness of the grasses, how tall the trees are, the sight of mountains from afar (I'm not sure if that's Makiling I see), the perfect blue tinge of the sky.

That we should look for the silver lining behind the clouds. This week has been a rainy one, making commuting harder. But instead of griping about it, I should be glad that it rained...lessens the possibility of drought which would greatly affect our agricultural sector. (But of course, I still gripe a bit) :P

That I am blessed and should be thankful about it. Yes, I'm a commuter and that means I am blessed. Simply because I have the means to commute. I have money to pay for my fare and can even afford to take an airconditioned bus (if only one would pass by). I have the luxury to sleep during the trip, or feel the wind on my face, see nature in its splendor (well, a bit limited with all the construction work being done in SLEX). I can also interact with people and be amazed at the unexpected kindness sometimes - a man offering his seat to an old woman or someone helping another load all his stuff into the bus. May innate kindness pa rin pala ang mga tao kahit sa ganitong modernong panahon :)

Every commuting day is a challenge but one that I'm starting to get the hang of. I'm starting to re-conquer my fear of crossing streets (now, I can cross SLEX! carefully, of course) and of learning the different routes I can take to my destination. I'm practicing my decision-making skills in terms of when to wait for a Sta. Cruz bus or when to let go of that idea and just ride the first bus that comes along.

Every day is a challenge but now I'm becoming better equipped! :)


Tahn said...

I remember the first time I learned to commute. My palms were so sweaty. But it does make you feel so independent after. It is a great hassle but now you can go anywhere you wish to go whenever you please.

cheryll said...

hi tahn! thanks for dropping by...

you're right, i've also felt that. although i've been a commuter all my life here in the philippines...i've felt that apprehension when i'm in another country, travelling alone. but it really gives you a sense of achievement to be able to reach your destination (without getting lost haha)